Work From Home - Pros and Cons

    Work from home - Pros and cons, a brief walkthrough into what's becoming a new normal for full-time employees and employers. However, this article covers the perspective of an Employee or a Freelancer.


    The Pros

    1. There's no place like Home:

    Home is where one feels the most comfortable at, a couch of your own, perhaps even one's bed, you can work from anywhere you want and there is no one to stop you or throw a rule book at you.

    2. Flexibility:

    If you are a Freelancer, you may as well choose the working hours that work best for you.

    However, if you are working from home for an organization, you can still be flexible with a lot of things, your attire, your food, your place of work for that day, etc.

    3. Traveling:

    This probably is one of the best advantages of Working from Home, for the ones who travel by crowded public transport, you do not have to go through that pain.

    And, to the people who traveled by their vehicle, they can avoid the tiresome traffic, you will also be saving a lot of money!

    4. Comfy Clothes:

    Though this is not advisable, you cannot deny that it is one of the coolest advantages.

    You need to be very careful considering your job roles and the frequency of virtual meetings and be mindful of what you wear.

    However, in any case, you do not have to waste your time in choosing clothes or shopping for office attire.

    5. More Family Time:

    There is no denying that working from your home, will give you a lot of family time.

    Even though it is advisable to keep the personal and professional life separate while Working from Home, just the presence at your home might fix a lot of things.


    The Cons

    1. No Social Life:

    Although you will be in constant touch with your colleagues or clients online, your interactions might get limited to the digital realm.

    You will miss those coffee breaks, lunch parties where you brainstormed on a lot of interesting facts, networking with different departments, etc.

    2. Productivity:

    It will take a lot of discipline and conscientiousness to meet the productivity level that one is used to at offices.

    Productivity is one of the disadvantages of working from home and a challenge for a lot of employers.

    3. The Technical Dilemma:

    There are limitations to the Infrastructures at home, from a high-speed Internet Connectivity to 24x7 electricity.

    Any unprecedented events might affect your productivity badly. However, proper planning and backups might do the trick.


    In summary, it is a matter of perspective. 'Work from home' has its pros and cons, so does a lot of things.

    End of the day, ensure you are happy with what you are doing.


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