Top 8 Tips for Working with Clients Online

    Working with clients is an Art in itself, however, when you have to do it online, it is a different story altogether.

    In an ever-changing digital world, technology has paved ways for individuals and small businesses alike to run their businesses online.

    However, the most crucial part of any business remains unchanged, the Clients!

    Here are a few tips that will be very helpful if you are new at this.


    1. Accessibility

    Let your clients know how to reach you, reassure your clients about your availability to them when they need you.

    If you know where to draw the line, a WhatsApp conversation with the client is also advisable.


    2. Be Honest. Be Transparent and Be Realistic.

    Always communicate difficult situations upfront. Even though everyone plans on being honest, it does not always happen.

    Remember, every business alliances are built on trust. The same client could get you better prospects if treated well.

    Be realistic in agreeing to the scope of the client’s requirements, know your strengths and weaknesses, and be very transparent in your costing.

    Having said that, do not sell yourself short!


    3. Create a Work Discipline for Yourself

    Do not get all comfortable and cozy when it comes to your workplace, be it your home or elsewhere, since you are working with your clients online, always be camera ready.

    Make sure you have all the video calling apps and accounts (Free!) for a group meet or a one on one call as and when the client demands.

    Dress up like a pro and always wear a smile while interacting with your client.

    If you are working from home, ensure there are no interruptions from your family or friends when you happen to be in conversation with the client.


    4. Email Etiquette

    Not all your clients would like to communicate over a phone call, few would prefer emails over calls. Keep your email replies professional.

    Google templates will help you keep saved responses for repetitive issues. You will find a lot of help online to get better at writing emails to prospects.

    You can go through one of our articles on professional email writing.


    5. Vacation Replies / Auto Replies

    We all need a break from work now and then or some unprecedented emergencies would force us to get off of work.

    In any case, it is imperative that we let our clients know beforehand or a well-written auto-replies (OOO) will come handy.

    Make sure there is a legit explanation, and, if you have a Team mention that alternative colleague whom the client can approach.


    6. Time Management

    Time Management is a core aspect of success in personal as well as professional life.

    While working with your clients online, delivering your project on time isn't the only factor.

    Online meetings with clients, ensure you are 5 or 10 minutes early from the scheduled time.

    You cannot afford the luxury of keeping the client waiting, even if your business is a successful one.


    7. Get a good Internet Connection

    This might seem an obvious point to be on the list, but investing in your infrastructure like the Internet would play a vital role in the development of your online business.

    Before you embark on your journey to the digital realm, do basic research on your local Internet service provider, and choose a reliable one.


    8. Ask for Testimonials and Referrals

    Get all your satisfied clients to give you a Testimonial that will help you build your portfolio and exhibit it for new prospects to review.

    Also, if you have built a rapport through your honesty and transparency with the client, do not hesitate to pitch for referrals.


    To summarize, these tips will help you in managing your clients online. However, in this ever-changing digital era, you need to constantly update your knowledge and skillset.

    And while you are at it, explore and experiment with different strategies to satisfy your clients, might as well surprise your clients with service update freebies if you can! This can go a long way.


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