Top 4 Free Online Design Courses

    There are plenty of Graphic Designer jobs in the Middle East and GCC, now is the right time to jump-start your career in Graphic Design.

    Here we are listing the best free Online Design courses available online. You can sit at home and not spend a single penny.


    1. Graphic Design Basics - By Canva

    The Online course will serve as a quick intro to the world of Design, the course has 12 lessons, each with a watch time of approximately 2 minutes.

    The lessons are basic, expert opinions on the different aspects of designing.

    There is an activity for each lesson, which makes it interesting for beginners.

    This can serve as a kick start for your learning desire as the course is free.


    2. Adobe Illustrator for Beginners - By Envatotuts+

    The learning gets more interesting if you get some hands-on experience.

    Getting to know how your drawing skills will be put to use on a software tool for graphic designers.

    Adobe Illustrator is many graphic designers’ software of choice, the course covers in-depth topics to help you learn the tool.

    You’ll learn how to create custom shapes, lines, and work through creating custom logos and icons.

    With plenty of exercises along the way, the course will be helpful to start a Design career.


    Creating Brand Systems: An Overview of Combining Logos and Type - By Skillshare

    A comprehensive course on Branding and logo designing explained with interesting exercises.

    You’ll learn all about how to define a brand narrative for a client and generate custom assets like illustrations and typography.

    The course will give you a picture of brand building and client collaboration in the real world.

    The focus of the course is on building the whole system rather than just the logo.


    Introduction to Graphic Design History - By Kadenze

    The course is an introduction to the history of graphic design, how it all began, and how it has influenced the world.

    A very inspiring take on designing, it is advisable to go through the course if you are a beginner or an experienced Designer.

    The course is more of a walk-in history and less technical in terms of tips and tricks for Beginners. However, gives you a new perspective on your design process.


    To Summarize, the Internet is filled with resources, if you are willing to learn then all you need is an Internet connection.

    If you are from the MENA and GCC region, there is going to be a huge requirement for Graphic designers, the best free online design courses listed here will serve as the stepping stone to the design realm.

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