Social Media Strategy Planning - A Comprehensive Guide

    Your Social Media Strategy Planning skills is what decides your future as a Social Media Manager.

    Even though knowledge of social media platforms will suffice to look out for freelance jobs, you need to have a good plan to be successful in this career.

    Here is a comprehensive guide for Social Media Strategy planning:

    Know your Audience:

    The relevance of social media marketing for any business is in engaging the end-Users.

    As a Freelance Social Media Manager, you will have to do extensive research on the Brand's target customers.

    In the beginning, there were limited resources in researching the target users, their likes, and dislikes.

    However, nowadays all the social media platforms are well equipped with analytics that are real-time.

    It is these advanced features that make marketing in the digital realm more effective and reliable.

    You need to ensure you have the basic data in a place like the age, location. interests of the client's target customers.

    Only then, you can create contents that will engage them.

    As part of your research, perform the following:

    • Create Customer Persona on real-time data and not on the assumption.
    • Assess their pain points.
    • And evaluate how Brand's services will address the pain points.


    Set Realistic Goals:

    A successful Social media strategy is based on realistic goals.

    The whole strategy will be based on these goals and it is inevitable that the goals set are realistic and not too ambitious.

    The obvious metrics like the Followers or Subscribers could impress the client but all of them.

    However, the goals you set should be inclined with the overall marketing goal of the business.

    For example, A local Blogger client would want more visits to the website.

    Hence, the goals you set could be like " Increase the number of visitors to the website by 5% for this week ".

    The following essential metrics will give you crucial information about the success of your strategy:

    • The popularity of your Social Profiles by @mentions, views, likes, shares, etc.
    • The Conversion rate.
    • The average reach of your posts.
    • Average engagement rate by the number of comments.

    Google Analytics is another crucial metric to track visitors and conversion rates for websites that would justify your social media strategy.


    Decide your Platform and curate contents:

    Social Media is evolving like a lot of things, there are multiple platforms with a different type of user engagement strategies.

    Depending upon your client and the target customers you will have to choose the social media platforms.

    For example: If your client is a local Store across the street, you need to be mindful to realize that, Twitter is not the right option to improve visibility for the Store.

    Having said that, Twitter is a good option for large businesses or Brands, but not every business.

    Once, you have studied the demographics of the target audience, it will be easy for you to plan and implement a sensible strategy.


    Know your Competition:

    Now, that you have understood your Client, its Voice, it's the target audience. It is time for you to look for similar Brands i.e Competitors.

    Chances are that your client will give you that information up front.

    Conduct research on the competitor, you will get a clear picture of how the audience is responding, what is working, or what can be improved.

    For Starters, it is always the best to go with what is working and slowly bring in your creative skills.

    Even if you have well to do strategies and is working for the client, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the competition.



    As a Freelancer, the chances are that, you will be multitasking a lot of things, from planning to writing and reporting, etc.

    Things will go haywire as you increase the number of your clients. This where you need to use social media tools to make your life easy.

    If you would like to become a successful Freelance Social Media Manager, you will have to know the social media platforms and any of the social media tools in the back of your head.


    Analyze and Improvise:

    After all the planning and implementation of your strategic planning, it is only fair to evaluate how it all turned out.

    Every popular social media platform gives you insights on the performance of your posts, in terms of engagements, likes, comments, etc.

    As a Freelance Social Media Manager, you must evaluate your strategies and discuss them with your client.

    It's like they say, 'Own your mistakes, learn from it and never repeat it!' Not all your strategies will give you the results you expect and some could even be worse.

    Nevertheless, the journey is filled with a lot of learning curve, you will have to keep track of what has worked for you and what hasn't.

    And, at the same time, what has worked for the competitors and what isn't.

    In Conclusion, this article is an attempt to emphasize the significance of social media strategy planning.


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