Top 7 Must Have Skills for a Social Media Manager

    If you have decided to embark on a freelance Social Media Marketing journey, here are some must-have skills for a Social Media Manager.

    You will come across a lot of articles, that would suggest that it is easy to become a Social Media Manager if you use social media platforms.

    However, a part of it is true, anyone can become a social media Manager. But, to become successful at it, you ought to have the following skills:

    1. Creativity:

    Must-Have Skills for a Social Media Manager

    Having a creative mindset is integral for any Social Media Manager.

    Having understood what the client needs via social media, you need to be creative in delivering the result through visual content.

    The average time span of your customers is supposedly 8 seconds, you need to be creative enough to grab their attention.

    Look for Inspirations, nobody can teach you to be creative.

    Nonetheless, If you are skeptical about the creative skills, you can always study your competition.

    2. Communication :

    Must-Have Skills for a Social Media Manager

    As a Freelance Social Media Manager, you will be single-handedly taking calls on the Brand content ideas.

    However, communication is a crucial skill to have, as every single word you put out there, reflects on the Brand you are working for.

    Nevertheless, communication skills do not mean, you need to have an excellent vocabulary, however, doesn't hurt to have one.

    Let's understand that, every content you post, is a way of communicating with the Brand's prospects or loyal customers.


    3. Strategic planning:

    Must-Have Skills for a Social Media Manager

    As a Manager, you are responsible for results, and for which there has to be planning.

    However, every Business has a clear-cut requirement from Social Media, it could be timely communication or customer engagements.

    It is your duty as a Social Media Manager, to create a plan and execute it to meet the client's requirements.


    4. Analytical skills:

    Must-Have Skills for a Social Media Manager

    Social Media platforms have evolved to meet Business requirements.

    In the beginning, there were no analytical tools on Facebook or Insta, etc, to track and evaluate post performances.

    All these advanced features in the social media platforms lead to job roles like Social Media Manager.

    The Analytical tools will help you pull out reports of all the social media posts and engagement plans you created for the month, a week, etc.

    This, helps you evaluate your skills and discuss possibilities with your clients.


    5. Technical Skills:

    Technical skills do not mean that you will have to learn any scripting languages.

    As a freelance Social Media Manager, you will be multitasking designs, content writing, etc.

    As Social Media evolved, a lot of tools were developed to make your life easier, you will have to learn using these tools to stay productive.


    6. Customer relation skills:

    A Must-have skill as a sole representative for a Brand in the social media,

    You are the Brand's voice, every post you make is considered to be of the Brand's by the customers.

    You have to be prompt in responding to the customer's requests.

    Social Media is the easiest communication medium for a lot of customers.


    It is understandable that as a representative you might not have all the answers to the customer's queries.

    However, sometimes all the customer wants is a response.

    You can assure that you will get back with a solution and forward it to the concerned department.


    7. Leadership and Collaboration:

    The Social Media Manager job is such that, you can end up working with a client for a very long time.

    However, as you progress in your freelance career, as a Social Media Manager, you could be dealing with multiple clients.

    As the number of clients increases, you will have to build a team to cater to all the client requirements and deliver results.

    Nonetheless, this will come to you as you start collaborating, starting with a designer, content writer so and so forth.



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