How do I create a Logo for my Business?

    Are you an Entrepreneur from the MENA or GCC countries and wondering 'How do I create a Logo for my Business?'.

    Here is a comprehensive guide that will give you clarity and confidence about Branding your Business.

    Let's look into crucial questions that you should find answers to before planning on creating a Logo.


    Why do you need a Logo?

    A Logo is an Identifier, a symbol that your customer will connect to.

    A memory that you want to plant on your customers to recall the services you offer.

    However, the real question should be: 'How do I find the right Logo for my business?'

    Since a Logo will affect your customer's approach towards your Brand, choosing the right Logo is inevitable.

    From the Color, you choose for your Logo to the Typography, everything will have to complement the voice of your business.

    For example, the color you choose for your Logo has its own meaning:

    Like the Black symbolizes power/strength and Yellow represents happiness.

    Some color meanings are deeply rooted in our brains because they’re visible all around us, like red as the color of fire is associated with passion or green with nature.

    Your Logo design will also depend on the Industry your business caters to.


    Where do I start?

    Let's agree that, since you have decided to read through the article, you have already started the process.

    Here are a few points that will inspire you to arrive at the right Logo:


    Put on that Creative Hat:

    Before deciding on the color tone or the font, make sure you have a basic outline of what you need in your mind, put it on a piece of paper.


    Check Out your Competition:

    As an Entrepreneur, you sure would have done your competitor study, however, what you need to make note of is the color and font types and not the whole design.


    The Big Brand:

    Research the successful brands in your industry and read the history and the reason for the Branding, this could give you closure.


    Image Search:

    If you think you are really bad at drawing, you can do a Google search for images of the abstract idea you have on your mind.


    What is your Story?

    While we are discussing a lot of ways to find inspiration from, there cannot be a better inspiration than your own story.

    Becoming an Entrepreneur is no easy decision and not everyone can become one, it requires passion and inspiration.

    Think of the reasons why the idea of this business came to be? What does it stand for?

    For example, a Globe would imply that the services you offer are global, while books could mean education, etc.

    However, your story will inspire you to find the creative aspect that would become your Logo.


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