5 Common Work From Home Challenges

    Work from home challenges, it sounds exciting until reality hits you. Here are a few challenges that we all face while working from home and solutions to overcome them.

    1. Distractions:

    With all the comforts at home, there is one thing that you might not have control over, unprecedented events at your home if you share the living space with other people like your family or kids, you will not realize the amount of time the distractions might cause you.

    This is one of the most fundamental, work from home challenge across the world.


    Organize yourself - Make sure you have a dedicated spot in your

    home for working hours, treat that spot like your office desk.

    Let's agree that it is impossible to control everything.

    However, the idea here is to bring in a little discipline

    in your style of working. Be on time, dress yourself up!

    2. Time Management:

    This would not apply to corporates and other companies that have a very good system to monitor employees.

    However, for a Freelancer working from home, Time Management could be a crucial challenge.


    1. Create a To-Do list and follow it diligently (Google Tasks)

    2. Invest in good Project Management System Softwares (Asana)

    3. Set small time goals and give yourself rewards.

    4. Set a longtime vision and keep motivating yourself

    to achieve the same.

    5. Don't forget to take breaks!

    3. Technical Problems:

    While at Office, the organization would have invested towards a sustainable infrastructure thereby ensuring the smooth execution of work.

    However, one of the significant challenge while working from home is the Infrastructure.


    1. Do your research, find out the best available Internet Service

    provider in your locality to ensure uninterrupted service.

    2. Ensure backups for all your data.

    3. Ensure you have power backup.

    4. For a Freelancer, since you are all alone in your endeavour,

    ensure you have proper antivirus/malware softwares installed

    to prevent any loss of data due to viruses.

    5. Ensure there is an alternate device in the case of a harware


    4. Procrastination:

    Almost every one of us can relate to this, the biggest enemy of any ambitious endeavor there is. While at home, we are already procrastinating the daily chores.

    However, this habit could unknowingly creep into your professional life too.


    1. Realization of procrastination is the first step towards

    fixing it.

    2. Try and figure out the reason for procrastinating, could it be

    an unpleasant task? Could it be your vision?

    3. Read your vision out loud! There should be a well thought reason

    behind it.

    4. Please understand that this is normal, every one goes through

    this, work on smaller tasks.

    5. Get help! Talk to a colleague or a mentor. Perhaps, all you

    need is a different perspective.


    5. Unplugging Yourself:

    Sometimes you will tend to be engrossed with the work, dedication, ambition, conscientiousness is incredible qualities that will help you become successful,.

    However, you will have to be mindful about unplugging oneself from work.


    1. Keep track of time, follow a fixed schedule like your office, ensure there is a break time and force yourself to take a break.

    2. If you are a Freelancer, communicate your work hours to your clients, do not get carried away in your effort to please a client.

    3. Prioritize the tasks, include longer breaks as part of your reward system.


    To summarize, challenges are part of life, every single endeavor is filled with it. Throughout our human history, we have found workaround for challenges.

    Similarly, Work from home challenges listed here will bring your attention to the obvious reality that you will face while working from home.

    However, it is up to you to find solutions that work for you.


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